Why choose Organic?

Organic farming uses modern science combined with age old techniques to produce quality products free from synthetic chemicals, pesticides, genetic modification, fertilisers, and drugs or growth hormones in animals.

Buying CERTIFIED ORGANIC is the only way to ensure your purchase is chemical and genetically modified free.  Products certified by one of Australia's certifying bodies go through rigorous testing and follow strict guidelines to gain certification status.  

Customers can purchase with confidence and assurance that certified organic products are just that.  All products we sell are certified organic unless otherwise stated and each item on our price list also states the code of the relevant certifying body.

Buying certified organic products is a way of life. 

  • It is a concsious decision to nuture your family's health and well being NOW and into the future.
  • It is standing up for our rights to be able to purchase food the way it was meant to be eaten - free from hidden nasties.
  • Certified organic is a vote AGAINST all Genetically Modified foods that are sitting on our supermarket shelves unlabeled!
  • Purchasing organic is caring enough for the environment around us to give it the respect and nourishment it deserves so we can leave it to our children with a promising future.
  • It's teaching our children about healthy food choices that they can carry throughout their life.