Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the produce come from?
Here at Wholesome Organics we are dedicated not only to bringing your family healthy organic food but also supporting our Aussie farmers.  They deserve our support and fair prices for their produce.  We only sell certified organic fruit and vegetables sourced from Aussie farmers and will purchase as locally as possible depending on the season and availability.  As more people switch to buying organics, more farmers will also make the change!

How do I know it's organic?
Wholesome Organics only sells certified organic produce!  All other products sold are certified organic unless otherwise stated.  Each item on the price list also states the code of the relevant certifying body, this is the only way to guarantee your purchase is chemical free.  These products go through rigorous testing and follow strict guidelines to gain certification status so customers can purchase with confidence and assurance that certified organic products are just that.

When do I have to order & how?
Orders need to be received before 3pm Saturday for delivery the following Tuesday (fortnightly service only).  Orders can be sent via phone or email.  Alternatively, you may place a standing order which can be cancelled at anytime.

How can I pay?
You may pay by direct deposit, PayPal or posted cheque/money order.

What days do you deliver?
Delivery is every second Tuesday. An estimated delivery time may be given but we can't guarantee exact time of delivery.  Generally orders will be received before 4pm.

Where do you deliver?
We deliver throughout Brisbane.  For specific areas please contact us.

How much does delivery cost?
Delivery is a low flat rate of $8.00 for all orders, including multiple box orders.

What is the minimum order amount?
Minimum order amount is $35 (excluding delivery).

What if something I order is not available?
As produce is not kept in storage for weeks (or months!), sometimes items become unavailable at the last minute.  If this happens we will substitute with a similar item or remove from your order.  WE WILL NEVER EVER substitute produce with conventional fruit or vegetables.

Can I choose what I want in the box?
The mixed seasonal boxes represent excellent value for money.  This is because we purchase the best quality, in season produce in bulk.  For this reason we are unable to make major changes to these boxes. Box contents may vary slightly week to week depending on availability and season.  Many customers tell us this is a great way to become more inventive with their cooking and they now eat a larger range of produce as a result!
If you prefer, we also sell all items individually so you can make your own box or mix 'n match.

What if I'm not home?
If you are not home we can leave your box in an agreed location.  If your order includes refrigerated items it will be packed with ice bricks.  It is recommended to arrange your delivery day when you will be home as Wholesome Organics will not be responsible for any orders once left at your location.  Delivery can also be arranged to your workplace.

Can we pick up our order?
No, at this stage we only home deliver.

Does the produce last as long?
As the produce is picked and delivered straight from the farm you will be pleasantly surprised with the storage life of your fruit and vegetables.  To ensure maximum freshness, produce we receive is delivered to your door the same or next day.  Transport and storage times are kept to an absolute minimum and no produce we supply has been kept in storage for extended periods.  

Why should we keep our produce in the fridge? 
Most organic produce is kept under refrigeration from the time it is harvested on the farm.  The fruit and vegetables are not sprayed with the cocktail of chemicals or waxes that mainstream produce is (this is what keeps them looking presentable extended periods)  Our organic products require a little TLC to maintain their freshness.  A small price to pay!  The end result is a delicious, long lasting product with that organic taste!

You do not list my favourite product - can you get it for me?
Of course!  If you would like us to source any products for you please let us know and we will do our best to find it for you.

How will my family benefit?
The benefits of eating organically are plentiful - both for our individual health as well as the long term effects on the planet.  Eating wholesome, chemical free food enables our bodies to not only detox but become stronger and less prone to illness.  Modern day living is filled with endless pollutants thatour bodies are not built to endure.  
Your family does not need the endless cocktails of chemicals found in our modern day food.  Combine these cocktails with our busy stressful schedules and we are asking for trouble.  After tasting the pure goodness of organic food, your family will never look back!

Isn't it more expensive?  
Yes and No - depends how you look at it!  There are no shortcuts in organic farming.  Food is grown and nurtured how it is meant to be, this takes extra time and money.  Organic food is the genuine cost of food today.  For many of us it is a case of prioritising our expenses.  We need to realise that the extra money up front today may not only save us money in the future but may also give us our health and longevity.
Why wait until we are sick or run down to start looking after ourselves?  By then it could be too late.  It has been proven that our bodies ingest the chemicals within our foods - whether they are the cause of the ever increasing rates of cancer, asthma, allergies, disease (the list goes on and on) - the jury is still out.  I do know that I am not prepared to take that risk.  
Our bodies are only as good as the food we put in them - I don't think you can put a price on that!  Do you?

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